Photography Akos Major


Owl Heart began when we (Crystal and Matthew) decided to merge our creative juices (ourselves) into an entity of itself, Owl Heart. Our foundation is that of Love and it all began with a powerful Hug. We carry that LOVE into our services and products; it is the biggest purpose for our existence. 

We are a family business. Family comes first and we want to not only honor that for ourselves but help others honor that belief. We let our littles (4 year old daughter Violet and 11 month old daughter Regina) help in whatever way they can; most often putting on labels and being a part of videos. They enjoy being part of the process and we enjoy their interest, ideas and assistance! 

The two of us (Matt and Crystal) thrive on expanding our awareness and knowledge in every interest that we possess. We hone in on our gifts/talents and allow them to take us wherever they may lead. Because of our ever expanding curiosity and talents, we have a wide variety of expertise through services and products to offer.