Why am I passionate about helping parents learn how to parent in a peaceful manner? 

Prior to becoming a Mother, I thoroughly enjoyed living my life with as much balance, peace, and harmony as possible; in every facet of my life. It was a natural transition to want to incorporate my desire for balance into parenting. I see and feel how much better my life is when I maintain that peace with my child(ren). I also see the positive effects that ooze from my child from being treated as a person and in a positive way. 

Why choose me?

My background in healing is a foundation for why I want to help parents raise there children in a peaceful fashion. I have helped numerous adults clear out imbalances from their childhood. Because of this, it is my desire to prevent some of these things from being passed along to future generations.
After becoming a mother I shifted my studies from Biology to attain my BS in Child Development and Family Science along with a minor in Psychology. My studies amplified my desire to spread the word on positive parenting principles. 
I am a mum, so though I have to conquer my own issues and break through my own generational patterning, I can relate to the stressors that come with the job title. I was a single mom from the beginning until joining with my partner when my daughter was 2.5 yo. 
I enjoy sharing information! I especially like finding evidence based information to share with parents so they can have a greater understanding of 'why' they may make certain decisions. As my motherhood journeys progressed, it was always nice to have my Intuition Validated by research. 
I interact with parents on regular basis through social media, phone, text, email and in person.  


How does coaching help you? Why take the leap and hire a coach? 

Coaching gives you a focus. Whenever we begin a journey it helps to have a person to turn to when things get rough. It helps to have a person who reminds you why you are doing what you do to keep you on track and to amplify the positive changes you are making. Commitment and responsibility to create change can be attained more easily with someone holding your hand.  
If you imagine that day when everything seems to be falling apart and you feel like at any given moment you will crack, having a coach to call can be exactly the ticket to regain that peaceful state of being which brings back the feelings of joy and love so that you can be a better parent to your child(ren). 
A coach can provide you with tools that you didn't know existed or you didn't know you had the capacity to utilize. 
A coach guides you back to Love and Peace from Fear and Control and Anger.


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