Hello Everyone!

I'm Crystal. I'm a Momma, Lover/Partner, Gemini, Number 9, Vata, Fairy Goddess.


I do my best to live this life in every moment and maintain as much peace and balance within myself as possible. And then I remember that I am human.

I feel as though I embody many different faces and with this I have a wide range of skills and interests.

My number one role is that of Mother. I am (and have been since birth) with my daughter (who is currently 4 years old) almost 24/7. We unschool so I am constantly learning! As is she. I view parenthood as the epitome of stepping outside of oneself and embodying empathy and compassion. Some of this comes super naturally while other times it is a challenge to my own needs and wants.

My role of Lover and Partner is a fun one which also embodies the importance of Family to help create a peaceful world. For now, details shall be spared for this may be one of the most diverse components of myself.

My other roles among the world include that of:

-healer (bodywork, energy work, emotional clearing and the list goes on) I believe in healing the body Wholistically (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically). Am also a Reiki Master, which falls under healer as well as my educator roles. 

-doula (birth and postpartum)

-writer (non-fiction and children books)

-artist (belly casts/lifecasting, abstract channeled art, as well as everything else I do-it's all Art)

-placenta remedy creator (another form of art)

-educator and student (I teach others as I learn and both are forever happening). This includes teaching yoga to kiddos, and families etc)

-spiritual/intuitive being (I believe in a myriad of things and am fascinated by everything mystical)