Intuitive Massage with Crystal

I decided when I was 10 years old that I wanted to be a massage therapist. I went to the Academy of Massage Therapy immediately upon graduating high school (2000) to follow this dream. I definitely feel it was a calling! Holding space for people to heal themselves has been a great honor and journey for me the past decade and a half! 

I have been licensed and worked in Iowa, Illinois, California, and now Minnesota. 

I view life as a wholistic being. When I work with someone I not only reach their physical being but I can delve into their spirit, and emotions. I call upon over a decade of experience along with my myriad of external resources to help each individual in whatever way they need. I use my intuition and feelings along with communication to tune in to what is going on with each individual. I have studied Swedish massage, Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, Acupressure, Neuro-Muscular Release, TBM (total body modifications), Reflexology, Spa and steam therapies. I am also a Reiki Master.  

An hour session is $60, a  half hour session is $35, one and a half hour sessions are $90.

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

Prenatal Massage is wonderful for helping Mom to Be utilize relaxation techniques to prepare for her birthing day! It is also wonderful at helping ease aches and pains that can occur as her body goes through such big changes. Prenatal massage can help balance out hormones; bringing more peace and health to the woman's pregnancy. Having regular touch also aids the woman in becoming in tune with her body, so she can listen to her rising intuition and the signals her body sends to her.

I not only utilize my training in prenatal massage but if I am called to do so, I will add tips and tricks that I share with my doula clients, including Rebozo relaxation techniques. 

For optimal preparation for birthing day, a woman can work with me, doing fear clearing sessions as well.

During a Prenatal Session, you can add a 10-15 minute fear clearing session for $1/min ($10-15). 

Postpartum Massage is great for a woman to help heal after birthing. It again helps the woman get back in touch with her body, and aids in bringing back the love after going through so many physical changes! The postpartum period can be quite tumultuous for a woman and taking the time to nurture herself is priceless. Similar to prenatal massage, postpartum massage can help balance hormones and bring more peace to the Momma's psyche and being. Along with the regular benefits of massage, I can focus on the pelvic alignments as well to make sure the body is acclimating well to it's postpartum state. I have worked with women many years postpartum to help release pelvic muscles that were pulling organs to one side or the other. (All of this is done over clothes and does not involve any form of touching below the pubic bone).  

During a Postpartum Session, you can add a 15-20 minute moxibustion treatment to bring heat back into your body along with sacral and pelvic massage to help that sacral center come back into balance and alignment after birthing. (add $15). To learn more, click here. 

Distance Healing Services

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