Emotional Clearing for Daily Living.
Fear (Emotional) Clearing Before Birthing.

Emotions are not “bad,” and they work for us when we are able to feel them and let them flow. However, we sometimes aren’t in a situation where we are able to process our emotions in a positive way which leads to a Stuck emotion. Along with stuck emotions, we can carry beliefs that do not serve us. These two (stuck emotions and belief systems), can hold us back from experiencing life or situations optimally, or the way we would desire to experience life situations.

I help dive in to help these emotions and beliefs unlock and flow out or off of your being. 

During a session I hear where you are at and where you want to be. We then communicate back and forth to clear emotions and beliefs; some of which have root causes in other lives, your childhood, or from your own time in utero. Everything is energy and as humans we use our minds and emotions to connect with different energies. We then carry those decisions (subconscious or conscious) with us. You and I will tap into those areas and I will utilize spoken word as well as the chakra system, and meridians to clear you from that which is holding you back!

I look forward to helping you feel a bit more Free!

(I have worked with thousands of people in person for a myriad of concerns during the past decade and a half. Since becoming a mother I have begun helping more women as they approach their birthing day. Releasing fear before birthing can shift the entire way a woman views birth-it can assist her to have the Empowered Birth she desires! I also now do distance/Skype/phone sessions).