As I transitioned into motherhood, I put my intuitive healing skills on pause and did much more distance work.  I have incorporated distance healing sessions in my work throughout my career (the past 15 years) and at times have gotten further with the healing process in a distance session than one that is in person. I think the distance can help the client open new doors of their energetic being and heal different layers as well as clear even more emotional root causes. If you're not familiar with what distance healing is, read more...

If you already know this is something you want to pursue and invest in, scroll down. 


A distance healing session is one where I get into a meditative state and tap into the other person's energies to remove blocks and initiate healing. I only do this after I have received their permission. And I can go into it blindly or with insight; meaning I can see what all comes up without any information except the clients name and location or a client may want to tell me an area or something to focus on that they are concerned with.

A myriad of "issues" or imbalances may be addressed: emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual.

I will report back to the person with everything that comes up. The information often makes more sense to the client than to myself, as the channel. I will help clear negative energy, break patterns, seal energetic leaks and follow whatever other directions are given to me via the energy communications.

Each session is so very unique. The only thing I can say that is  constant, is a portion of the tuning in where I do a body scan and see if any internal organs are off balance. When an organ is off balance I perform an energetic correction (which is the same as if I were face to face with that person). These corrections yield wonderful results and can help minor things (e.g. UTI, sinus issues) clear almost instantly (especially if there isn't a large emotional tie to the ailment). Other things like fertility can take multiple sessions or future work, but I still hear positive feedback about the shifts that occur in one session. Sometimes it is the one session that is exactly what the person needed to get on the right track for their healing process!

I thoroughly enjoy doing distance work and I love hearing about the transformations that occur!

To receive a session and invest in your energetic and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, simply email me your name and location and push the link below. I look forward to sharing what your energy tells me!

distance sessions

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