Transitions, Growth Spurts: The energy reflects from every person involved

We are going through some big shifts these day! I can feel the independence pull from Violet. Regina is starting to cut her 2 year molars. My partner is stepping into all of his art and overall soul being. My business self and spiritual self are flying high and breaking through every glass ceiling that presents itself. Clearly we are in the midst of a lot of transition and growth spurts! Of course as when I was mostly doing bodywork, I have clients coming to me with the same situations which I have recently worked on; and the current one is how to recognize and deal with these growth spurts!

The first step is often Awareness. Our awareness helps guide us in every moment. So if we are experiencing tumultuous moments with our children, the Universe at large, and our children themselves, are speaking to us--trying to get our attention and awareness. 

How to know you are in the midst of a transition or growth spurt?

~You are becoming fatigued with the situation or your child. What was working is no longer working. = Big sign that it's time to grow! Or that your children are already growing and are asking you to catch up ;) 

~You are having a Lot of Resistance. Your child is not listening and is pushing boundaries which were not a concern before (or which happen during every growth spurt). Similar to the first point-when you are coming up against resistance it is time to grow. Time to shift what you are doing and adapt to the new situation. When you yourself are experiencing the sensation of resisting life, you too are coming up against an area in which you are being invited to grow and change. 

~ You're feeling uncomfortable with your actions or feel clueless on how to be a parent. 
This is a sign that someone is leveling up-most likely the first born since they are our first teachers for Every phase. However, each child is different and the second, third, fourth etc. can be so different and present us with new challenges to level up our creativity and skills as a parent. 

~ Along with feeling uncomfortable you may be slipping into your generational patterning. All of a sudden you are wanting to yell or spank or shame because your conscious ego self is holding on to the current situation and is scared to change and grow. So you are calling upon energetic memory from your generational and lifelong patterning. 

What to do now that you have the awareness that you are in the midst of a growth spurt?

~ Take a breath. 

~ Remember and recognize that growth spurts are Good. Each time you pass through one, you have new skills and have evolved not only yourself, but the energy that goes out into the entire world! 

~ Be kind to yourself. Give yourself props for recognizing what is going on and doing your very best in the situation.

~ Shift your energy. Start to surrender to the growth. Lean into the transition. Welcome it's gifts. 

~ Be kind to your children. See how they are growing. See how that growth is positive. (even though it may seem like chaos and as if your child is going to be the worst adult ever).
We are a funny species...we want our kids to grow up so fast yet as they show us that they are growing we want to hold onto them and fear the change. 
Respect them as they dabble with learning new boundaries and new skills. This applies to EVERY age and every human. 

~ If you're still feeling lost and want more guidance seek a coach and have a session to clear your current angst. 

Lastly I want to bring your attention to the fact that as a person in the family is growing, it is very likely that others or Everyone is growing too. We all mirror one another and that can make things pretty intense! So if you are feeling those out of control feelings, remember that your children are probably experiencing something similar. When you allow them to grow, you allow yourself to grow and vice versa. Be gentle with everyone in your family. Embrace the growth. Embrace the Transition. Breathe with it, just as you would when you were birthing your babies! It's an important step. I really like changing the word to Transformation just as they do in hypno type classes, because it truly resonates with what is happening---You, your children, are TRANSFORMING into your new beings! When you can spin your thoughts and shift your energy to seeing this miracle, you can then shift with more ease and peace. 

Hugs to all of you!