Hello there,

I'm Matt, Co-creator of Owl Heart and Partner to Crystal. 

When you meet me it's hard not to notice my huge heart and grounded personality.  These two traits have guided me in my professional and personal life.   

I've been using my unique skills as a bodyworker since 2005.  My passion for understanding the human body started as I worked as an EMT.  Once in massage school, I realized the infinite ways the body can heal itself; this sparked my interest in natural ways of healing.  I have studied Western Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and many bodywork modalities.  

After graduating from massage school I stumbled upon a hobby that has literally changed the way I see the world.  Photography is a gift that was hidden from me until that first moment when I picked up a camera.  Before long I started to receive positive feedback about my natural ability to capture images and light.  That artist that my junior high art teacher swore I had locked inside of me began to emerge.  Now I consider myself to be an artist not only as a photographer but as a bodyworker as well.   

 Every bodywork session is customized to your bodies needs and wishes.  I will use my complete tool kit of diverse modalities to assist you on your journey to better health.  A common complement I receive from clients is "your hands melt away tension."   

My photography sessions are designed to be fun for everyone involved.  The best photos are taken when we are being ourselves.   Not everyone is comfortable being in front of a camera, this is where my big heart and easy going personality assists me greatly.  I want clients to feel free to expose and express themselves and feel safe doing so.  

Wether you're a bodywork or photography client, you'll see those two traits from above embedded into the fabric of my work.   I look forward to working with you!